Goldman Sachs Stock Awards

Goldman Sachs (“GS”) announced last week that Lloyd C. Blankfein was awarded restricted shares worth $14.7 million as part of his pay package for 2013. The stock award took the form of Restricted Stock Units (“RSU”). He will be generally restricted from selling the shares for a period of three years and the shares will be distributed to him over three years.  It really begs the question as to what Mr. Blankfein did to earn this rather large amount of stock. The shares of Goldman Sachs under performed the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2013. The DJIA was up 10.21% while Goldman Sachs stock was up 7.2%. What a deal. It would seem to this writer that Mr. Blankfein’s compensation is unrelated to increases in shareholder value certainly over the short term.  Perhaps GS should look more carefully at some way of making it’s compensation structure more reflective of how the other shareholders are doing/prospering.

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